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Whether you want to create a haven in the home or discover the power of
scent marketing for your business, at iScent we use cutting-edge technology to bring the very best
scent-diffusion capabilities to your office, hotel, property, or business.

We work with brands, creating unique experiences for their customers, improving
consumer journeys, and building brand recognition. Our scent-marketing systems enhance environments,
allowing businesses to communicate their personality to customers in targeted and specific ways.

Whether you are looking to create a better environment for your business team,
impact customer experience or create a signature brand fragrance, we can help you.

We can target specific areas with a standalone scent diffuser machine, or create location-wide
experiences through ducted A/C diffusers types.

At iScent, we find flexible solutions for you, so you can create the best scent experience for your customers.

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When you step into a hotel and the gentle aroma immediately relaxes you, or a yoga studio where
just the scent helps you unwind, that is scent marketing. This developing field of marketing uses
the powerful effects of scents to influence behaviors.

This type of marketing taps into the deep connection that humans have with our sense of smell
and offering a unique strategy to capture customer attention. Aromas that reach us are not
processed by the analytical part of our brain (unlike vision or sound), and instead, connect with our
emotional centers. This creates profound associations and memories for customers that can be
hugely beneficial for businesses.

In today’s competitive market, traditional marketing routes are no longer enough. Begin your
journey into the intriguing world of sensory marketing, create unforgettable brand experiences
and show your customers that your business is different.

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Increased sales, heightened brand recognition and customer satisfaction are just some of the results you can
enjoy as a business through bespoke and specific fragrances designed just for you.

Make use of the subtle power of scent marketing, and harness biology and psychology for your own benefit.
Scientifically tested and proven, effects like increased brain activity, elevated buying intentions and time spent
in-store can all be positively impacted by well-designed and well-placed scents.

If you need a scent diffuser for Dubai based properties or have any other scent marketing needs in the UAE
and the wider region, we are market leaders.

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The Custom Fragrance And Delivery Systems Installed By IScent Complete The Multi-Sensory Experience For Our Shoppers.

Managing Director

(Leading Retail Chain)

Our signature scent creates a positive and memorable experience. We are very pleased with the response from our quests.

VP Marketing

(Global Fashion brand)

The Custom Fragrance And Delivery Systems Installed By IScent Complete The Multi-Sensory Experience For Our Shoppers.

Managing Director

(Leading Retail Chain)

‘‘IScent’s technical expertise and the performance of their systems was impressive. Our guests love the fragrance.”.

Facilities Manager

(Fitness Chain)