Scent marketing brings influential and powerful fragrances into your office, home, hotel, business
or commercial space, allowing you to influence your customers and create the environment that
you want. If you need a scent diffuser in Dubai, iScent can help you.
Alongside the popular scents that you will recognise from some of the most iconic buildings in
Dubai and the UAE, we produce fragrances for energising, calming, motivating or welcoming.
Using only the highest quality ingredients, our fragrance oils can be formulated for your individual
use, with customisable aromas and individual characteristics.
With a minimum sixth-month subscription, our master scent designers can create specialised
scents for you. Let us know what you want to achieve with your custom fragrance and we will
work together to make it happen.
On a month-to-month schedule, you can change to a new fragrance at the end of each
subscription month. With a three-month subscription you can change your fragrance once, with
the six-month subscription you can change your fragrance twice and with the one-year
subscription, you can change fragrances four times.
  • Standalone diffuser – every month to replace the fragrance bottle and service your
    diffuser if needed
  • A/C diffuser – once every three months to replace the fragrance oil and service your

    Our technicians are available seven days a week for any required repairs or diffuser issues. Just call
    +971 (0) 4220 9137.
Our fragrances are sourced globally, and iScent has partnered with international fragrance houses
to ensure the highest possible quality. Our fragrance oils are mainly manufactured in Europe and
the USA and have passed every health and safety standard.
If you don’t have a credit card or would prefer not to use one, your subscription can be paid in full
in advance. Once you’ve paid the 2,500 AED security deposit for the diffuser (returned when it’s
collected at the end of your subscription), we’ll set up your installation date.
Our licensed and skilled technicians will ensure that no damage is done to your A/C system. Our
downstream system does not affect your A/C unit and will not interfere with the filters. Once your
subscription ends, we will also remove the diffuser unit without causing any damage.
Our Month-to-Month subscription plan will renew at the end of each billing cycle until you cancel
the plan. For our Multiple-Month plans, depending on whether you have a three, six or 12-month
plan, the subscription will renew at the end of your last month. For example, if you are on the
Three Month Plan, then your subscription will automatically renew at the end of the third month
for another Three Month Plan.
A billing cycle starts on the day we install the diffuser, and lasts for 30 or 31 days, depending on
that calendar month. For example, if you begin a subscription plan on 10 June, you will be billed
again on 10 July.
We’ve created a variety of plans to ensure choice and flexibility for our customers. With multiple
price points and subscription lengths, there is an option for everyone. Our Month-to-Month plan is
the most flexible, and can begin and end to suit you, with no cancellation penalties.

The Multiple-Month plans (three, six or 12 months) offer better deals, however, cancelling before
your last month will lead to a cancellation fee.
You can cancel a Month-to-Month subscription at any time before the beginning of your next
billing cycle by visiting the membership section on your Account Page and clicking the “Cancel
iScent” link. There are no penalties or fees for cancelling your account.
If you cancel before the start of your last month, you will automatically be charged a cancellation
fee of 449 AED. You can cancel your membership during the last month of your Multiple-Month
plan with no penalty. To cancel your plan, visit the membership section on your Account Page and
click the "Cancel iScent" link.
We do not offer refunds once the billing cycle has begun. You can keep track of when your next
billing cycle begins on your account page. Contact us at billing@iscent.ae for any billing or
subscription plan questions.
We will recommend different tools to match different environments. If you are looking to create
scent experiences in smaller spaces, the standalone diffuser may be the right one for you. For
larger spaces, the A/C diffuser may be more appropriate. Get in touch with us and we will guide
you through the world of fragrance marketing. Visit our products page to find out more.
Normally our diffusers will need to be refilled every four to six weeks. With our all-inclusive
service, you won’t need to worry about this. Our technicians will refill and service your diffuser at
the necessary time, taking this stress off your hands completely.
At iScent, it’s not just about making your space smell better, but about creating unique
experiences that resonate with your customers.

We work to understand the emotions, sensations and experiences that you want to create, then
use our expertise to create custom fragrances just for you and your space. Together we can create
memorable scent marketing experiences for your customers.
Our scent diffusers are completely customisable and can be adjusted to create the scent
experience that you want. You can adjust the scent intensity, diffusion time and day program to
ensure that you are getting the very best from your scent diffuser.
A full warranty is included with our all-inclusive service agreement. If you experience any problems
with an iScent diffuser product, get in touch and our technicians will service or replace it the same