How it works

What we Do

We create immersive experiences through the power of scent.
Scent-marketing uses the subtle power of memory, smell and association, to allow brands to
create a rich, positive experience. We are bring that technology into your home and our unique
library contains many different fragrances, so you can choose exactly what sort of sanctuary you
want to create.

Our connected network of global fragrance houses gives you access to over 1,000 different scents,
some of which are used in the most prestigious buildings and business in Dubai. You may be
familiar with fragrances used in places such as the Burj Khalifa, Zara Home and Abercrombie &
Fitch, we can recreate them for your home.

We use specifically designed diffuser units, standalone or HVAC compatible, to create exciting and
influential scent-marketing experiences. With a huge selection and the ability to create customised
fragrances too, iScent is pushing the boundaries of the scent-marketing sector.
We provide customised fragrance marketing services, so if there’s a perfume you love, a Tom Ford
or Chanel classic that you want in your house or something special for your office, we can source
or create what you need. In the past, fragrance options were limited, but our collection brings a
huge variety for our customers to enjoy, so whatever impact you’d like to achieve, we are here for

Our dedicated team believes in the power of scent-marketing and loves to communicate that to
our clients and customers. Work with us and create powerful scent-marketing experiences.

How We Do It

Our scent-marketing services are all about flexibility and choice. We provide two different diffuser
options for your home to achieve the most effective fragrance distribution possible. Tell us about
your property and what your goals are, and we will work together to achieve it.

For smaller rooms or spaces, our standalone diffusor is ideal, covering up to 100 square metres.
For areas without ducted ventilation, and for targeted fragrance diffusion, this is the system to

Our HVAC diffusor was designed for larger spaces, and for locations with internal ducted
ventilation. Reliable and low-maintenance, HVAC diffusers can be integrated into your current air
conditioning system, and we can even service and replace your current system’s filters whilst we
install our unit. Our professional team is experienced and knowledgeable, and with their expertise,
our HVAC diffuser systems only need servicing every three months.

With iScent’s standalone or HVAC diffusers, you can enjoy silent and unobtrusive fragrance
marketing, improving your life and lifting your environment.

Our Testimonials

Customers notice and they comment about the fragrance as soon as they come in. It adds another interesting element to our stores

Store Manager
(Multi Brand Fashion Retail)

The custom fragrance and delivery systems installed by iScent complete the multi-sensory experience for our shoppers.

Managing Director
(Leading Retail Chain)

Our signature scent creates a positive and memorable experience. We are very pleased with the response from our quests.

VP Marketing
(Global Fashion brand)

‘‘IScent’s technical expertise and the performance of their systems was impressive. Our
guests love the fragrance.”

Facilities Manager
(Fitness Chain)